Hoping for ways to reduce your energy costs? A solar-ready HVAC system in Bend, Oregon, may lower your charges by up to half.

At Tri County Climate Control LLC, our experts make it painless to add a solar system. You’ll pick a matched heat pump or air conditioner to pair with a home solar energy system.

This system’s solar modules catch the sun’s power and utilize it to heat and cool your house. Leftover energy can power electronics and some appliances, and can in some cases be sold back to your utility company.

Solar-ready equipment is extremely energy efficient, with nearly every model having earned the ENERGY STAR® qualification. Our certified pros can help you figure out which rebates and tax credits you qualify for with our utility rebate appraisal.

A greener energy system can raise your home’s value, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Their study noticed values rise by an average of $20 for every $1 saved on yearly utility costs.

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3 Reasons to Choose Solar Heating and Cooling

Solar-ready systems offer many pros, starting with:

  1. Lower energy charges—Solar home comfort systems could reduce your power bills by up to half, and over time your savings can even help pay for your updated equipment.
  2. Earth-friendly benefits—When you utilize a solar-ready HVAC system, you’re lowering greenhouse gas emissions along with electrical grid requirements.
  3. Tax credits and incentives—The federal government and more than a few states offer tax credits for renewable energy units. You may also be eligible for rebates through your community electric supplier.

Our Team Will Help You Single Out the Proper Unit for Your Family

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